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DG Synchronization Panel


Multiple DGs are synchronized on single bus. This receives supply from multiple Diesel Generator Sets. Synchronization takes place using microprocessor based control system. This also offers protection over Overload, Short Circuit and Earth Fault. Designing needs site conditions, place of placement, DG make, size etc.


Two DGs with each other and multiple DGs on common bus are two main types.


Manshu offers Modular Panels for DG Synchronization Panel. The modular design has, Frame, Base, Doors, Cover, etc. and all are removable, changeable.

1. Main Body is made from M6h Structure frame: Color: Satin black

2. Base: 75 Color: Satin black

3. Doors: 1.5mm. Color: Siemens Grey RAL7032 Powder Coated

4. Mounting Plate: 2 mm thick, Color: Orange Powder Coated

5. Locks: Four Point lock with handle & key or cam lock

6. Gasket: Liquid polyurethane foam continuous type suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

7. Indication & Meters: As per requirements.

8. Switchgear: All available makes are used in Panels

9. Busbars: Aluminum or Copper Rigid or flexible busbars are used.

10. DG. Synchronization Module: as per specification. Also with RS485, CAN bus, Modbus etc.


Frame is made of M6h design multi fold construction. This offers very high strength which is required for heavy components like Air Circuit Breaker, Copper Busbars etc. Also, this takes care during short circuit condition for various mechanical distortion forces.


Base is made of 75mm ISMC channel.


This is the main feature of Manshu’s panel. All vertical and horizontal frame members have Punching at 25mm pitch. This gives large flexibility during design, manufacturing and eases modification at site if required


Panel is very flexible. Expansion is very easy on both sides of Panel and can be expanded at Rear & Top in our factory as well at site.

Enclosure Sizes

Width of each section is from 300 to 1200mm, Height 2000 or 2300 mm + Base and depth is from 600 to 1600mm.

Ingress Protection

IP 32 and IP 42 are most suitable for good ventilation however IP 54 is also offered.


Manshu’s design centre works on every part of entire panel including Busbar design Fabrication design, CNC cad-cam design in-house for every order.

Testing Facility

All facilities are available In-house.

Type Tests

Panels are tested at CPRI and ERDA for 65kA for 1 sec, 50kA for 1 sec, IP 55, IP 56, IP 67.

Largest Size Panel Executed

1. 3 DG sets having incomer 1600A ACB, 50kA for 1 sec. Length 45000mm. 3Dgs using 'COMAP' relay.